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Image by Roberto Nickson

Touring Christmas decorations in Lindenwoods is one of the most enjoyed Christmas traditions in Winnipeg.
Here you will find driving direction, a map and list of the themed streets.

Please remember to be respectful of properties while visiting and to let residents in and out of their driveways. The driving route we have posted was originally made by the River Heights/Fort Gary city councilor to help traffic flow.

Themed Streets in Lindenwoods

Major Streets

Polar Bear Lane - Hennessey Dr.

Nutcracker Lane - Park Royal Bay

Candycane Lane - Foxmeadow Dr.

Penguin Parkway - Lindenshore Drive

Minor Streets

Reindeer Lane - Deer Run Dr.

Snowman Lane - Shoreline Dr.

Best Times to Visit

Lights come on nightly at sunset and start turning off at 10, through some stay on later

Monday-Thursday as the sun is setting

Go early in December. It gets busier closer to Christmas.

Friday and Saturday gets very busy, you can possibly be waiting up to an hour to enter the neighborhood

Written Directions

Turn west onto Hennessey Dr. from Waverly St.

Head west to Shorecrest Dr. 

Turn left on Shorecrest Dr.

Go around the loop and head north on Shorecrest Dr. to Park Royal Bay

Turn right on Park Royal Bay

Go all the way around and turn right on Shorecrest Dr.

Turn Right on Lindenwood Dr. E

Head south on Lindenwood Dr. E to Foxmeadow Dr.

Turn left onto Foxmeadow Dr.

Follow it all the way around until you reach Lindenwood Dr. E

Turn left on Lindenwood Dr. East

Follow Lindenwood Dr. East to the major intersection of Lindenwood Dr. E and Lindenwood Dr. W

Turn right onto Lindenwood Dr. W

Turn right onto the first street, Lindenshore

Follow Lindenshore all the way around

Come out the way you came in and turn left onto Lindenwood Dr. W

Follow Lindenwood Dr. W south to Mcgillivray Blvd

Map of Lindenwoods
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