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Christmas Lights on Trees

List of Most Decorated Christmas Homes

Please check the map to see if the homes you are looking at from this list are currently lit up. Homes are added to the map as they are finished. This list carries over every year and If a home no longer decorates it will be retired.

This list is an ongoing project and is not yet complete. Please enjoy what has been put together so far.

North Winnipeg


32 Ben Hewak Bay


This fantastic home has their lights dancing to music. A must see if you are looking for a show!


103 Lincrest Rd

Marvel at the twinkling lights at this North Winnipeg home.


724 McAdam Ave

Come visit Santa and all his reindeer!


100 Palms BLVD


This light show is in the back yard and viewable from across the retention pond at Garden Grove and Fairgrove. 


1153 Sherburn St

This home features a lovely light show to music!


160 lockport rd

Drive in, loop around, drive out and enjoy the lights!


239 Eaglemere Dr

Lights on until 11pm nightly


928 Simpson Ave

Lights on until 1am nightly


347 Tweed Ave

Lights on until 11pm nightly


198 Sun Valley Dr

Lights on until 11pm nightly


18 Mildred St

Light show songs play on 93.9FM, mapped video projection onto the house adds to the lights. collecting onsite and at for the Canadian Cancer Society. Show until Jan 20


34 Regula Pl

Lights on until 11:30pm

South Winnipeg


17 Boulder Bay

See one of Winnipeg's biggest lit up Christmas Trees! Santa is sometimes out at this holiday house to wave at passing families. Walk down the side walkway to see some of the back yard as well.


15 Humber Rd

4pm-11pm daily until Jan 8 


50 Imperial Ave


For the light show tune to 90.3 fm until 9:30pm nightly until Jan 2


93 Shorecrest Dr


4:30 PM to Midnight, 1:00 AM Fri & Sat. Light Show sound is on FM 98.7. Outdoor speakers play until 11:00 PM if you're walking. Please feel free to take a photo with the Hugging Bear, but please don't walk in the display. Our Street is called "The North Pole". Many people assume we are part of Hennessey Polar Bear Lane, but The North Pole is in friendly competition with their lovely street. Our back yard is also decorated and you can see it from across the lake on Shoreline Drive.


275 Aldgate Rd


Winnipeg's Crown Jewel of Christmas! Enjoy the lights show to music and for online donations click the below link to make a wish come true.


653 John Forsyth Rd


Check out this spectacular light show nightly until 9pm, until Jan 31 Tune to 93.1 FM. Please remember to keep volume to reasonable volume in your vehicle.


569 Island Shore Blvd The Train House

Lights on until 11pm nightly, until Jan 2nd. Huge display with many moving features including a Christmas train that circles the yard and Christmas music.


7 Selwyn Pl

7 Selwyn Place lights on Jan 1-5 lights 5-9pm. Jan 6-7th lights 5-10:30p. Jan 8-9th 5-9pm Jan14-15th 5-10pm. Merry Christmas to those celebrating the Gregorian calendar.

East Winnipeg


Whoville at 1137 Devonshire Dr W 

Whoville theme! Please stay on the sidewalk. Displayed until Jan 2


172 Bridgewood Dr


Tune to station 88.9 FM to hear music. Link to donations for charity at @salofamilylightshow Facebook and Instagram. Display on until January 8th. Show ends at 10pm nightly.


10 Whittington Rd

Lights on until 11pm nightly. Until Jan 15. Giant Christmas skeleton and Santa zombie. 


180 Woodside Crescent

lights on until 11:30pm nightly. Displayed until Jan 1st


552 Victoria Ave W

Enjoy all the twinkling lights!


227 McMeans Ave W

Lights on until 10pm nightly, until Jan 7th. We have Christmas music playing outside and located on a corner lot which has a sidewalk for your viewing pleasure from various angles. You will find some of the decoration from the house on Kildare here as their son has carried on the decorating tradition!


600 Leola St

This Christmas Yard could not get any fuller!


33087 Suthwyn Rd 59N

musical-notes-png-3759.png fm 88.7 for the light show, we collect food and donations for family. Please visit site for details. Show until midnight until Jan 16

West Winnipeg


624 Garfield St N

Music playing via speaker system, lights on at 5:00pm - 11:00pm 

All characters and signs are handmade/painted (with the exception of 1 blowup Frosty greeter).

Memorial display for our son who passed in Dec 1, 2015 (the day we lit the house that year). Anyone wishing to make donations can do so to Movement Centre of Manitoba or Children's Hospital in his name as displayed on Toothless OR dropped in our mailbox to be delivered.

265569689_10159519742655977_2892685475812009986_n (1).jpg

The Elf Village 242 Lockwood St

The Elf Village is one of Winnipeg's most famous and most magical homes. You can go on the property and look in each one of their little windows. I counted 17 houses last year.


82 Aldershot Blvd

Over 19,000 lights brighten your holiday, complete with animated windows and Santa waving from the roof! This was also the family house as featured in Hallmark’s 2021 film, “A Kiss Before Christmas”, starring Teri Hatcher and James Denton! Donations requested via QR code to Toy Mountain.
Lights on at 4:45pm daily, until 10:45pm Monday-Thursday and 11:15pm Friday-Sunday. Enjoy Winnipeg! Until Jan 9


669 Fairmont Rd

No one else has a car parked in their driveway as a Christmas decoration!


11 Cambrian Crescent

Everything in the display is hand made. Something different every year. This year a penguin has been added. You'll see Mickey, Thomas the Train, a Mountie (in honour of those killed on the East Coast), a polar bear, Olympic rings for Olympian daughters, grandkids, neighbourhood kids, the dog and much, much more. Been building this for over twenty years (maybe more) and adds to it every year - has now moved into the neighbour's yard too as we ran out of room. 


Rannock ave at Vanscoy Rd

This yard has so many decoration to spy. They make use of the house, the tree's and the whole yard!


879 Community Row

ights on until midnight, displayed until Jan 30th


46 Cadiz Bay

On nightly until 10:30pm. Displayed until January 5nd


270 Bernadine Crescent

Merry Christmas!


703 Isbister St

Lights until 10pm


215 Doran Bay

Lights until midnight


453 Golf Blvd

Lights on until 9pm nightly. Displayed until January 30th


135 Ferry Rd

Lights until 10:30pm until Jan 31st

F96E67AF-3C10-442F-ACEB-4896E0C099FD - hn lohnes.jpeg

218 Raquette St

Sunday thru Thursday—10:00pm, Friday and Saturday 11:00pm

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